Choreography: Begüm Erciyas

Performed by: Anja Bornsek, Marcella Mancini, Nathalee Laveback Frohm, Lada Petrovski, Petra Hrascanec

Produced by: SEAD and Szene Salzburg

Premiere: Szene Salzburg, Austria

Performances: METU International Contemporary Dance Festival, Ankara, Turkey

                       Nagib Contemporary Dance Festival, Maribor, Slovenia


“…parasitism takes place when the parasite comes to live off the life of the body in which it resides – and when, reciprocally, the host incorporates the parasite to an extent, willy nilly offering it hospitality: providing it with a place. The parasite then ‘takes place.’ And, at bottom, whatever violently ‘takes place’ or occupies a site is always something of a parasite. Never quite taking place is thus part of its performance, of its success as an event, of its taking place…”  - Jacques Derrida