this piece is still to come


Try-outs: 20-21 August 2012 @ IN PROGRESS Series in Tanz im August Berlin

               11 November 2012 @ Playground Festival in STUK Leuven


Performance Series:

1st Recording/Showing: 22 November 2012 

2nd Recording/Showing: 23 November 2012 

3st Recording/Showing: 24 November 2012 

4th Recording/Showing: 26 November 2012 

5th Recording/Showing: 27 November 2012 

6th Recording/Showing: 28 November 2012 @ Kampnagel K1, Hamburg

7th Recording/Showing: 29 November 2012 @ Kampnagel K1, Hamburg

8th Recording/Showing: 30 November 2012 @ Kampnagel K1, Hamburg

9th Recording/Showing: 1 December 2012 @ Kampnagel K1, Hamburg

10th Recording/Showing: 11 October 2013 @ Diskurs Festival, Giessen

11th Recording/Showing: 12 October 2013 @ Diskurs Festival, Giessen

12th Recording/Showing: 21 November 2014 @ EMPAC, Troy / NY, USA


photo: Barbara Greiner

Can an artist oppose having completion as the ultimate horizon of her work? What if the work is never finished or if every presentation is a premiere of a new version?

In “this piece is still to come” Begüm Erciyas rejects conclusions in favor of repetition. Every repetition opens the door to a new repetition. The image and sound recordings of each version of the performance are the basis of the new performance. Collected recordings are replayed and rerecorded, diluting the performance every time it is performed, making things (dis)appear or shift shape.


Begüm Erciyas invites the audience to become part of this long-term project. We are suspended at some middle point, knowing that there is at least one more performance to come, in which the recordings of today will be used.


Concept: Begüm Erciyas

Performance: Nils Ulber

Video / Camera: Andrea Keiz

Sound: Florian Mathews

Dramaturgical Support: Bojana Kunst

Developed in collaboration with: Ayara Hernandez, David Bergé, Lucas Dietrich, Diego Agulló, Dennis Deter, Irina Müller and Jenny Beyer

Press / Public Relations: Barbara Greiner


A production of Begüm Erciyas

Co-production: 0090 Platform Antwerpen, STUK Kunstencentrum Leuven

Funded by:  Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and the Berlin Senate Cultural Funds in the frame of the Tanzstipendium.

 With the kind support of Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin and K3-Choreographic Center Hamburg