Voicing Pieces

In Voicing Pieces, one’s own voice is staged to become the protagonist. In the intimacy of an isolated sound booth, guided by a simple score, the audience becomes spectator of their own voice. The act of speaking and simultaneously hearing one’s own voice turns into a theatrical and choreographic experience, sculpted anew with each individual interpretation of the score. The voice becomes a place for action, a spectacle or a surprise. 


Isn’t one's own voice always inauthentic and uncanny? Who is speaking, when one's own voice speaks? Rather than recognizing oneself in the stranger, Voicing Pieces is an invitation to recognize the stranger in oneself. 


Concept: Begüm Erciyas

Realization: Matthias Meppelink and Begüm Erciyas 

Dramaturgy: Marnix Rummens 

Text: Matthias Meppelink, Begüm Erciyas, Jacob Wren

Set Realization: Tim Vanhentenryk

Artistic collaboration: Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias

Production Management and PR: Barbara Greiner


Production: Begüm Erciyas, Platform 0090 

Coproduction: wpZimmer, STUK Leuven, Tanzfabrik Berlin/ Tanznacht

Research Support/ Residency: Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk, Q-O2, FrankfurtLAB, Tanzrecherche NRW, Goethe Institut - Villa Kamogawa

Supported by Hauptstadkulturfonds Berlin



27-29 August 2016, Tanznacht Berlin

31 March - 02 April 2017, PACT Zollverein, Essen

18-27 May 2017, Kunstenfestivaldesarts '17, Brussels

2-9 September 2017, HOMO NOVUS Festival, Riga

27-29 September 2017, Kunstencentrum STUK, Leuven

5-7 October 2017, Steirischer Herbst '17, Graz

1-3 February 2017, Festival Paralléle, Marseille

23-24 March 2018, Beursschouwburg, Brussels















Showing 19-20 May 2016 at STUK, Leuven












18-27 May 2017 at Kunstenfestival

desarts, Brussels

© Bea Borgers

photo from Ballroom

by Jenny Beyer